Junior Euromat 2008

Страна: Швейцария

Город: Lake Geneva

Тезисы до: 01.07.2010

Даты: 26.07.10 — 30.07.10


JUNIOR EUROMAT has reached its 10th birthday. In the framework of this very successful series organised for young materials scientists, with events already biennially held since 1992, the Federation is sponsoring the event from 26-30 July 2010.

JUNIOR EUROMAT offers attractive opportunities to young materials scientists, constituting a wide-ranging tool for the integration in materials science and engineering. The symposium is intended to reflect the informal atmosphere of a summer school.


The symposium will focus primarily on Master's and PhD students. There is, however, no limitation on the "categories" and ages of participants. Any professor or industrial representative will be welcome.



For the third time, JUNIOR EUROMAT will be organised as a poster conference, i. e. all the contributions will be on display as posters. But the poster authors are also requested to introduce their poster orally in one of the lecture halls (3 minutes each) using 3 transparencies. Subsequently, the authors will be available for further discussion in front of the poster panels. The sessions will be opened by keynote lectures.

Those wishing to present a poster should submit their proposal no later than
3 March 2010 via email or internet to the Conference Secretariat in an one page abstract indicating the author and his or her affiliation as well as the topical division A...P. The abstract should be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae.


The recipient of the 'FEMS Lecturer Award for Excellence in MSE' in 2011 will be decided in a special session at junior Euromat where shortlisted candidates will give a presentation to the assembled audience.




A Mechanical Properties: Plastic Deformation, Fatigue, Fracture, Creep
B Magnetic Properites, Superconductivity, Electronic Materials
C Corrosion, Wear, Biocompatibility
D Fundamental Aspects: Diffusion, Transformation, Dislocation Theory
E Metals: Al-, Mg-, Ti-, Ni- Alloys, Steel, Intermetallics, MMCs, Foams
F Ceramics, CMC, Glass
G Polymers, Polymer-based Composites
H Processing: Casting, Rolling, Extrusion, Powder Technology, Machining, Joining
I Surface Engineering: Laser, Spraying, CVD
K Simulation Methods and Modelling Methods
L Materials Characterisation:
Mechanical Testing, Advanced Analytical Techniques NDE, Materialographie
M Biomimetic and Bioinspired Approaches; Biofunctional Materials
N Nanostructured Materials
P Electronic and Photonic Materials

Веб-сайт конференции: http://www.dgm.de/dgm/junior-euromat/php/topics.php?lg=en