2015 Ryerson Graduate Philosophy Conference ("Philosophy in Practice")

Страна: Канада

Город: Toronto

Тезисы до: 12.12.2014

Даты: 27.02.15 — 28.02.15

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: philosophy.conf@ryerson.ca.

Организаторы: Ryerson University


We invite submissions of high-quality papers suitable for 25-30 minute presentation (3,000 – 4, 000 words) from current graduate (MA or PhD) students and upper-level undergraduate students. Essays from all areas and traditions of philosophy are welcome, though, in keeping with our conference theme, preference will be given to papers that: (a) demonstrate the potential for applying philosophical thought to practical issues or concerns; (b) actually apply philosophical theory to a practical concern; or (c) demonstrate the ways in which philosophy can inform and be informed by other disciplines (e.g. women’s studies, sociology, biology, legal studies) that are typically understood as more ‘practical’ or ‘applied.’

Below are examples of topics of practical application:

  • Social theory and social issues
  • Abortion
  • Multiculturalism
  • Sex work
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Affirmative action
  • Philosophy of race
  • Children’s rights
  • Economics
  • Science and technology
  • LGBTQ rights and issues
  • Aboriginal Rights
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Counseling and therapy/Philosophical counseling
  • Feminist theory and feminist issues
  • Political theory
  • Personhood
  • Psychology
  • Bioethics/bioethical research
  • Law, legal theory, legislation
  • Environmental philosophy/environmental ethics
  • Animal rights
  • Technology
  • Internet (e.g. identity, agency, privacy, memory, forgetting)
  • Understanding and improving search engines (e.g. can philosophy of language help us improve search algorithms? Do search algorithms tell us anything about meaning?)
  • The ethicality of driverless cars
  • Artificial intelligence (e.g. how do we know if a given AI possesses intelligence and/or understanding?)
  • Philosophy of Design (e.g. the discussion of ‘Universal Design’; how the design of public toilets can include or exclude people)
  • Piracy and intellectual property/questions about the ideas of ownership and ethics


Веб-сайт конференции: http://rpgsu.com/home/conference/