Genopri 2015 (2nd International Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security)

Страна: США

Город: San Jose

Тезисы до: 20.01.2015

Даты: 21.05.15 — 21.05.15

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: IEEE


It is a pleasure to introduce Genopri 2015 (2nd International Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security) a community effort for promoting genome privacy and security, which is held in conjunction with the 36th IEEE symposium on security and privacy on 5/21/2015 at Fairmont San Jose Hotel. Here are some notes about this workshop,

Builds on the success of the first workshop's edition (held in conjunction with PETS'14)
Fosters research efforts aimed to understand and address all privacy and security issues prompted by progress in genomics
Brings together a highly interdisciplinary community involved in all aspects of genome privacy and security research
Seeks submissions not only from the Computer Science and Bioinformatics communities, but also from researchers and practitioners studying the Ethical, Legal, and Societal issues with genomics
Will accept both short (4 pages) and long (10 pages) papers
Also solicits position papers and systematization-of-knowledge papers
Will publish accepted papers in IEEE Proceedings (along with the other S&P Workshops)

Suggested Topics 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Privacy-preserving analysis of and computation on genomic data
  • Security and privacy metrics for the leakage of genomic data
  • Cross-layer attacks to genome privacy
  • Access control for genomic data
  • Differentiated access rights for medical professionals
  • Quantification of genome privacy
  • De-anonymization attacks against genomic databases
  • Efficient cryptographic techniques for enhancing security/privacy of genomic data
  • Privacy enhancing technologies for genomic data
  • Implications of synthetic DNA for privacy
  • Applications of differential privacy to the protection of genomic data
  • Storage and long-term safety of genomic data
  • Secure sharing of genomic data between different entities
  • Trust in genomic research and applications
  • Social and economic issues for genome privacy and security
  • Ethical and legal issues in genomics
  • Studies of policy efforts in genomics
  • User studies and perceptions
  • Social and economic issues for genome privacy
  • Studies of issues and challenges with informed consent
  • Privacy issues in transcriptomics and proteomics

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