Australian government scholarships for international students

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Дедлайн: 24.11.2008



The Australian Government provides a large number of scholarships for international students intending to study at The University of Queensland. The majority of Australian government scholarships are for postgraduate and research students. However, It is recommended all international students familiarise themselves with the wide range of Australian Government scholarship opportunities available for which they may be able to apply. Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) The University of Queensland provides education programs to AusAID Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) students. Most scholarships are for graduate study but in some countries undergraduate scholarships are also available. AusAID students enjoy the support services offered to all international students as well as: additional assistance from AusAID Student Contact Officers; and a special AusAID Introductory Academic Program (IAP) prior to the International Student Orientation; and additional supplementary support MAY be available as recommended by staff. For more information on ADS scholarships at UQ, in particular for applicants from Indonesia, please refer to the following link: For more information on AADS scholarship availability and eligibility, please contact: AusAID Web address: Email: Telephone: +61 2 6206 4000 Fax +61 2 6206 4880