The Leverhulme Trust International Networks

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These collaborations enable a Principal Investigator based in the UK to lead a research project where its successful completion is dependant on the participation of relevant overseas institutions. A significant research theme must be identified at the outset which requires for its successful treatment international collaboration between one or more UK universities, and two or more, overseas institutions (normally up to a maximum of seven institutions in total). Networks should be newly-constituted collaborations. Full justification should be given for the involvement of all participants, with each participant bringing specific - and stated - expertise which can directly contribute to the success of the project. The geographical distribution of the proposed Network should reflect locations directly linked to the theme: for example, to the habitat of an animal; the native country of an artist; a local social or political system, or the contribution of a specific scientific facility unavailable elsewhere. Details of the proposed methodology for the research project should be provided at the outset, as well as a clear indication of the anticipated outcomes (publications, websites), and of the dissemination strategy to be adopted. Value and duration The value of an award is normally up to ?125,000, and a network grant can last for up to three years. Where additional costs can be justified further funding may be available. Topics Applications for research on any topic within the entire array of academic disciplines are eligible for support. However, an exception is made for areas of research supported by specialist funding agencies and in particular for medicine. In such cases, applicants should consider an application to these alternative funding bodies as being more appropriate. Specific attention is paid to the reasons given by applicants in justifying their choice of the Trust as the most appropriate agency for the support of their project. Institutions The Principal Investigator should be employed at a university or other institution of higher or further education in the UK. The award is made to that institution, which must agree to administer the grant, for allocation among the participating institutions. Costs The following are typical costs: International travel and subsistence. Please note that full advantage must be taken of opportunities for economy travel and accommodation. The organising and running of local seminars or workshops. The salary of a Network Facilitator of up to ?23,000 per annum (including National Insurance and pension), pro-rated for a post which is less than full-time. The Facilitator may not be the Principal Investigator, nor may they be registered for a PhD, but must be based in the lead UK university. The Facilitator may, in addition to their main duties, which will be predominantly of an administrative nature, contribute to the research activities of the network, if appropriate. The Trust recognises the variation in costs of living in different countries, and asks applicants to pay close attention to real local costs. However, under no circumstances will subsistence costs in excess of ?2,000 per month per person be paid by the Trust. Please ensure that applications do not include any of the ineligible costs listed here. Application Procedure International Networks are assessed via a two-stage process. In the first stage, applicants should complete an International Networks Outline Application form, accessed via the link below. Outline Applications can be submitted at any time, and assessment of Outline Applications normally takes up to ten weeks. Details of the procedure for the second stage, namely preparation of a Detailed Application will be sent to those whose Outline Application has been approved.


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