Understanding Molecular Controls Over DNA Replication Towards Improved Cancer Therapy

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Дедлайн: 13.02.2015

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Successful chromosome replication and segregation are central for cells to multiply in healthy organisms. Derailment of these chromosome maintenance processes is a major cause of cancer, and drugs that interfere with DNA replication offer a promising route for personalised chemotherapy.

Researchers in the laboratory of Professor Anne Donaldson aim to understand fundamental molecular controls over chromosome replication with the aim of elucidating pathways to cancer treatment. The focus of a PhD studentship to begin in October 2015 will be to understand how cells regulate replication initiation and delineate time of replication origin activation within chromatin domains. A major goal will be to discover the mechanism through which the conserved Rif1 cellular component specifies replication initiation time (see Hiraga et al 2014 Genes & Development 28: 372).

The project involves investigating DNA replication and chromosome maintenance, in an established and well-funded research team embedded within a group of laboratories sharing an interest in chromosome maintenance mechanisms. The project will suit a student with a strong interest in understanding fundamentals principles of chromosome maintenance and cell cycle control, with a view towards improving cancer treatment.

Funding Notes:

A Cancer Research UK studentship is available covering stipend and UK/EU fees. Non-EU international students may be eligible if also awarded a University of Aberdeen Elphinstone Scholarship.

Candidates should have (or expect to achieve) a minimum of a 2.1 Honours degree in a relevant subject. Applicants with a minimum of a 2.2 Honours degree may be considered provided they have a Distinction at Masters level.


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