Ubbo Emmius Scholarship

Страна: Нидерланды;

Дедлайн: 24.11.2008

Веб-сайт: rug.nl


This is an abstract of the information contained in the full Ubbo Emmius brochure, which you may download as pdf-file at the bottom of this page. The Ubbo Emmius programme is a scholarship programme for international Ph.D. students. Every year some 50 students from all over the world are admitted to this programme. During the past five years, over 115 students from all over the world have been admitted to this programme and have already successfully completed their Ph.D. education, thus obtaining their doctor's degree. This page informs you briefly on the general outline and tells you all you must know if you want to apply for admission to the Ubbo Emmius programme. Why get your PhD in Groningen? There are several excellent reasons for you to come to the Netherlands : 1) The Ubbo Emmius programme will offer you a high-level education, designed to give you an excellent theoretical background for your research project. 2) As an Ubbo Emmius student you will perform research within one of the research institutes of the University of Groningen , under the supervision of one or more experienced scientists. Facilities needed for the successful completion of the project will be supplied by the University. 3) During the research project, you will write a thesis based on the results of your project. The public defense of your thesis will earn you a Dutch doctorate. This degree equals a highly ranked Ph.D. degree. Throughout this text the abbreviation Ph.D. is used when referring to the Dutch ‘doctorate'. This degree has a very good international reputation, and scientists with this degree are respected throughout the international scientific community. 4) During your four-year stay in the Netherlands , you will be granted an 'Ubbo Emmius scholarship'. Obtaining your doctorate in the Netherlands ; a wise choice, but have you considered this? 1. Your present university degree must meet appropriate standards. The list of diplomas in the appendix may help you on that question. Keep in mind that the University of Groningen will decide whether your degree will allow you to attend the Ubbo Emmius programme. 2. The Ubbo Emmius student has to be able to read and write English at an academic level. 3. Only a limited number of scholarships are available. Therefore, you will have to compete with other students in order to be invited to the programme. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their scientific merits. 4. Although the Netherlands is a country with open borders, some formal requirements will have to be met.


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