The Verse Novel for Young Readers

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Город: Austin

Тезисы до: 15.03.2015

Даты: 07.01.16 — 10.01.16

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Организаторы: Modern Language Association


Since the 1990s, the verse novel—or “novel in verse”—has become one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful genres in Western children’s literature. In examples ranging from Karen Hesse’s Out of the Dust (1998) and Ellen Hopkins’s Crank (2006) to Thanhha Lai’s Inside Out and Back Again (2011) and Jacquelyn Brook’s Brown Girl Dreaming (2014), these books have enjoyed both laudatory reviews and equally impressive sales.
This guaranteed panel session will give much-needed critical attention to this vibrant and important but currently understudied area of children’s literature.

Possible paper topics include but are not limited to:
• Verse novels and poetics: how do verse novels engage with the rhetorical language, literary forms, and aesthetic techniques commonly associated with poetry?
• Race, class, gender, and sexuality in the verse novel
• Verse novels and postmodern hybridity: the way in which these texts blur formerly firm and even mutually exclusive literary categories, such as prose and poetry, novel and verse, highbrow and lowbrow, etc.
• Explorations of verse novels from a formalist or structuralist perspective: what are the generic boundaries and literary parameters of this narrative mode?
• Verse novels as a platform for social justice
• The banning, censoring or challenging of verse novels
• Essays about individual authors and/or specific verse novels
• Verse novels and reluctant readers
• The relationship of verse novels for young readers with those intended for adult audiences: what are the aesthetic, literary, socio-cultural, and/or structural differences as well as similarities?
• Canon building, prizing, and the verse novel: what titles are emerging as classics, who gets to make these decisions, and what criteria are they using?
• Narrative poetry vs. verse novels
• Verse novels, popular culture, and new media: book trailers, fan fiction, social media, YouTube, etc.
• The verse novel and transformations to children’s publishing and the millennial literary marketplace

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