Eukaryotic mRNA Processing

Страна: США

Город: Cold Spring Harbor

Тезисы до: 02.06.2015

Даты: 18.08.15 — 22.08.15

Область наук: Биологические;

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Организаторы: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


We are pleased to host the tenth Cold Spring Harbor meeting on Eukaryotic mRNA Processing, which will begin at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, August 18 and run through lunch on Saturday, August 22, 2015. The meeting will focus on the mechanisms and regulation of mRNA splicing, polyadenylation, turnover, localization and RNA interference. It will include all aspects mRNA transport, processing and control, including ncRNA function, regulation of viral RNAs and disease implication of mRNA processing. The meeting is intended to provide a format for the exchange of ideas and information, to discuss the latest research findings and technical advances, and to facilitate interaction amongst groups active in diverse systems.

RNP Assembly & Function
Splicing Mechanisms

Splicing Regulatory Mechanisms
Biological Function of RNA Processing in Disease

3' End Processing
mRNA Translation & Regulation

RNA Turnover
RNA Localization & Cellular Bodies

RNA Binding Proteins
RNA & RNP Modification

Viral & Cancer-related Mis-Regulation of RNPs
Global Analysis of RNP Function

Co-transcriptional RNA Processing
Integration of Processing Events

RNAi & miRNAs
Non-coding (nc) RNAs

Session Chairs:
Douglas Black, HHMI/University of California, Los Angeles
Christopher Burge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samuel Butcher, University of Wisconsin
Javier Caceres, MRC Human Genetics Unit, UK
Soo-Chen Cheng, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Jeff Coller, Case Western Reserve University
Wendy Gilbert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Britt Glaunsinger, University of California, Berkeley
Torben Heick Jensen, Aahus University, Denmark
Elisa Izaurralde, Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Germany
Hua Lou, Case Western Reserve University
James Manley, Columbia University
Melissa Moore, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Shalini Oberdoerffer, National Cancer Institute
Tao Pan, University of Chicago
Jernej Ule, University of London, UK

All talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Abstracts should contain only new and unpublished material and must be submitted electronically by the abstract deadline. Selection of material for oral and poster presentation will be made by the organizers and individual session chairs. Status (talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers.

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