Economic Justice and Political Action

Страна: Испания

Город: Barcelona

Тезисы до: 30.06.2015

Даты: 07.10.15 — 09.10.15

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: University of Barcelona


The 2015 Political Philosophy Conference at the University of Barcelona seeks to gather contributions on political action, economic justice, and the intersection between the two. We thus invite submissions of papers--both from political philosophy and the social sciences and both contemporary and historical--covering the following three areas:

-Political action: including papers on social movements and political parties, political participation and representation, the logic of resistance and protest, the forms and mechanisms of democracy, populism and hegemony, the possibilities and limits of ICT, and the very concept of the political.

-Economic justice: including papers on exploitation, property, work, poverty, capital, consumption, taxes, care, and the commons, as well as contributions by classic and contemporary authors addressing these issues.  

-The intersection between the previous two areas: including papers addressing political actions in the economic realm (consumer boycotts, anti-eviction movements, unionism, etc.) or papers analyzing policies that target economic injustices, such as economic democracy-promoting policies, redistributive and predistributive policies, or social and economic constitutional rights.

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