Post Doc Position in Laser Plasma Physics

Страна: Швеция;

Город: Lund

Добавлена: 15.06.2015

Работодатель: Lund University

Для кого: For researchers;

Job assignments

The work assignment for the present postdoctoral researcher will be focused on laser-plasma-based acceleration of ions (mainly protons) at the Lund High-Power Laser Facility. Special emphasis will be on increasing the laser-to-ion conversion efficiency and on improving the quality of the proton beams in terms of maximum energy, energy distribution, beam pointing and shot-to-shot stability. Proof-of-principle experiments utilising laser-accelerated protons for various applications are also anticipated. The work includes participation in the day-to-day operation of the terawatt laser system, design and implementation of experimental setups, including target preparation and particle diagnostics, performing experiments and data analysis.The research is pursued in a team including senior researcher, PhD and diploma students and post-doctoral researchers. In addition, this team frequently hosts international visiting researchers as collaborators. The post doctor is assumed to participate in the supervision of students in the team.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

Qualified for the position as postdoctoral fellow is a person who holds a doctorate or a foreign degree that is deemed equivalent to a doctorate and who has completed the degree within the three years prior to the last date for applications, unless there are valid reasons.The candidate should have a PhD degree in physics, or equivalent, and documented experience in experimental research with high-intensity short-pulse lasers and intense laser-matter interactions. Since most of the experimental work is done as teamwork, and many times in collaboration with international collaborators, very good social competence and ability to collaborate is therefore mandatory. Very good knowledge in English is a further requirement.

Basis of Assessment

Basis for assessment is a good ability to develop and carry out high-quality research as well as teaching ability, with focus on the ability to perform research. The selection to the postdoctoral position will be based upon the evaluation of skills and documented experience related to experimental research with high intensity lasers. Practical experience with experimental research in the field of laser-driven ion acceleration is evaluated a strong merit. In addition, other experiences e.g. in optics, plasma physics, programming, data analysis, automation and mechanical design will be evaluated.

Important personal qualities are, beside creativity and a curious mind, the ability to work both independently and in a group and experience in the scientific interaction with researchers from other disciplines and in other countries.

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