Professor in Education

Страна: Финляндия;

Город: Jyväskylä

Добавлена: 15.06.2015

Работодатель: University of Jyväskylä

Тип: PostDoc vacancy;

Для кого: For lecturers; For researchers;


The University of Jyväskylä is a nationally and internationally significant research university and an expert on education that focuses on human and natural sciences. The University is Finland’s leading expert in teacher education and adult education, as well as the major exporter of education. The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences is the only one in the country. The University of Jyväskylä is known for its dynamic operating culture and strong commitment to social responsibility.

The department is currently seeking to recruit  staff to the position of

Professor in Education, based on a contract of employment as of 1 January 2016

In terms of its profile, the University of Jyväskylä’s Faculty of Education is the broadest in Finland. Its particular strength is research into learning, guidance and teachership at the various stages of the human life cycle, and education based on the results of this research. The activities in educational sciences range from early childhood education through primary school and subject teacher training to training of experts in education and adult education, and to training provided for special needs teachers, school/study counsellors and on educational leadership. The University of Jyväskylä consequently hosts a strong educational sciences competence cluster, characterized by multi- and interdisciplinary, flexible networking between different actors.

Research in the Faculty of Education focuses on five areas of research:

  1. The processes of learning, teaching and guidance
  2. Professional identities, career paths and competence in a changing working life
  3. The wellbeing, participation and growth environments of children and adolescents
  4. Special topics of learning and participation
  5. Education in the future and social change.

The Faculty’s main areas of research strength are:
I Learning interaction, collaborative learning and learning environments
II Participation of children and adolescents
III Professional identity and agency

The Faculty of Education consists of two departments – those of Education and Teacher Education – and a practice school (Teacher Training School) covering all school levels. The faculty has 21 professorships. Its staff totals nearly 300, including approximately 100 at the Teacher Training School.

The vacancy is closely related to one of the strategic core fields of the University of Jyväskylä:learning, teaching and the learning and growth environments that support development and to the Faculty’s research area processes of learning, teaching and guidance.

In the Department of Teacher Education the professor will be in charge of research on teacher education, learning and development of education as well as of national and international promotion of educational collaboration. The emphasis is in research-based development of the research and education related to the field of this vacancy.  Acquisition of complementary research funding, launching and directing international and national research projects as well as high-quality international and national publication activity are also included in professor’s responsibilities. Teaching focuses primarily on advanced and postgraduate studies.

The professor is expected to be familiar with international and national cooperation within research. S/he is also expected to have evidence of acquisition of complementary funding and successful leadership in research projects as well as supervision of doctoral studies. Furthermore, all-round acquaintance with educational sciences and specifically with planning and development of education and learning environments from the societal point of view is emphasised.

The plan for filling the position provides more detailed information on the duties, qualification requirements and attachments to the application. The plan is visible on the faculty’s website at

According to the Government statute (770/2009, 1 §) concerning the qualifications for university teaching and research positions in Finland, a full command of the Finnish language is required. The languages of instruction in the presently vacant professorship are Finnish and, when necessary, English, which is why good mastery of the English language and a proficiency to teach in English is of particular merit. If need be, the university may exempt the candidate from the language requirement.

The job-specific salary component of a professor is based on the job demands level 8-11 (4 636,22 eur/month–6 830,73 eur/month) according to the salary system concerning teaching and research staff at universities. In addition, a personal performance-based salary component amounting to the maximum of 46.3% of the job-specific salary component is also paid.

For further information, please contact: Head of Department, Dr Tiina Silander, tel +358 400 620830.

The application should include the following documents in English (the name of the applicant must be mentioned in the file name):

  1. curriculum vitae (CV), composed according to good scientific practice and considering when possible the template for researcher´s curriculum vitae by The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity. See:
  2. a numbered list of all scientific and other publications – drawn up according to the categorisation of the Academy of Finland – with which the candidate wishes to prove his or her eligibility and merits for the post (i.e. A. Peer-reviewed scientific articles; B. Non-refereed scientific articles; C. Scientific books (monographs); D. Publications intended for professional communities; E. Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research; F. Public artistic and design activities; G. Theses; H. Patents and invention disclosures; I. Audiovisual material, ICT software);
  3. a brief (2-3 pages) written account of the applicant’s scientific research, merits in scientific activities and in supervision of research work including an account of acquired complementary research funding and the responsibilities related to the research conducted through such funding and in international activities;
  4. a brief (2-3 pages) written account of pedagogical training and teaching merits (teaching portfolio);
  5. a brief (2-3 pages) written account of applicant’s societal interaction and international cooperation;
  6. a maximum of 10 main publications, numbered in accordance with the list of publications (if the publications cannot be sent electronically, they are asked to be arranged in four identical packages for the external evaluators and mailed to the University Registry Office, P.O. Box 35, FI‑40014 University of Jyväskylä, Finland);
  7. a brief (2-3 pages) account of how the applicant plans to develop the research, teaching and societal interaction related  to the domain of the post in the Faculty of  Education.

Please submit your application at the latest on 7th August 2015 using the online application form.

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