PostDoc in Applied Mathematics/Statistics

Страна: Германия;

Дедлайн: 15.09.2015



The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Potsdam is currently seeking to appoint a postdoc to join the research and training activities of the Computational Physiology/Mathematical Modelling and Systems Biology Group.

The research philosophy of the Computational Physiology/Mathematical Modelling and Systems Biology group is in developing new mathematical and statistical approaches to study biological systems - on the single-cell as well as on the whole organism level. A focus is on applications in drug discovery & development and therapeutic use, with strong links to clinical pharmacy and research-driven pharmaceutical companies via the graduate research training program PharMetrX: Pharmacometrics & Computational Disease Modelling.

In mathematical terms, the methodological spectrum includes, but is not limited to, deterministic and stochastic processes (e.g., for reaction kinetics models), model reduction and multiscale techniques (e.g., with applications to the chemical master equation), non-linear mixed effects models (with a link to physiologically based pharmacokinetic models), covariate modeling, parameter estimation etc. In biological terms, model systems include monoclonal antibodies and their pharmacokinetics and -dynamics (with applications in oncology), virus-host-interactions (with applications in optimizing HIV therapy), cell-level bacterial dynamics and its link to bacterial population growth (with application in antibiotic therapy, in particular to study synergistic and antagonistic effects of drug combinations) and toxicokinetics (with application in risk assessment of vaccine adjuvants). In addition, there are close contacts to the department of cognitive science in the area of eye-movement control in reading and scene perception.

The responsibilities of the post-doctoral fellow include the mentorship and training of (post)graduate students and teaching duties at the Institute of Mathematics(4 SWS, i.e., 4h per week during lecturing term). The research projects can be arranged according to the interests and skills of the candidate, but will be pertaining to the research interests of the Computational Physiology Group.

Requirements include: A PhD awarded in mathematics, statistics or comparable field; demonstration of strong research capability and good attitude towards team work and independence; appropriate software knowledge; good command of English.