Ph.D. grant proposal: Random geometrical models of droplets nucleation and growth on textured surfaces

Страна: Франция;

Дедлайн: 15.09.2015



The applicants should have a strong interest to work in an interdisciplinary team from two CNRS labs (French national center for scientific research). Researchers work in the fields of mathematical and computational image processing (mathematical morphology, segmentation), geometry (integral geometry, stochastic geometry, stereology) and probability theory (random fields), as well as in the fields of physics, mechanics and tribology.


Mist on transparent surfaces (windshields, headlights, displays) is an important issue for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace as well as for sports equipment. Micro and nano water drops apparition highly depend on physical and chemical properties of the surfaces, like their topography. The project intends to study the nucleation and the growth of such drops with regard to the topographical surface properties.

The successful candidate will geometrically characterize and model the nucleation of drops on textured surfaces. First, important parameters (number of drops, density and size, spatial distribution) will be studied. Correlations between the nucleation sites (position, number, density…) and the topographical properties will be studied. Then, the temporal evolution will be taken into account (evolution, location, and coalescence).

Geometrical models (including topological, morphological and stereological aspects) will be compared to experiments. A special care will be taken to the registration of the drops and surfaces observations.


textured surfaces ; nucleation ; morphology, geometry ; random fields ; integral geometry ; segmentation ; image processing ; video ; mist.

Applicants should send a letter of application and CV preferentially by email to: 

Yann GAVET, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, tel. 33-4 77 42 01 70 /

Stéphane VALETTE, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, tel. 04 72 18 64 38 /