Civil Rights & Civil Movements in 21st C.

Страна: США

Город: Washington

Тезисы до: 04.09.2015

Даты: 06.01.16 — 06.01.16

Область наук: Юридические; Политология;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: University of Washington School of Law


The  pursuits of civil rights and related social justice movements are seldom one - dimensional. There is much that must go wrong before unrest  in  places like  Ferguson, Baltimore, or Cleveland manifest in tragedy and action . A ccordingly,  this  panel  will be broad in scope. Proposed t opics including  recording police interactions  with the public,  the criminalization of black youth , and #blacklivesmatter  are  welcome .  In addition,  topics exploring the connection between  c ommunity  development and the  c ivil  r ights  m ovement are particularly encouraged. Such topics  might include economic development, affordable housing,  the impact of policing on  community development , or funding disparities in public education . How do  economic considerations factor into instances of social injustice? Are  instances of  police brutality expressions of the underlying disease  o f racism  or merely its  symptoms? What can communities and community leaders do to improve matters at both  local  and national level s ?  How is mov ement building around c ivil  r ights  different fifty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and what are the  intersections that can advance  c ivil  r ights in the 21 st Century?   Proposals should aim  to deepen understanding of these i mportant issues  while  recogniz ing  their complex  and multi - faceted nature

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