The IAFOR International Conference on Education

Страна: США

Город: Honolulu

Тезисы до: 01.11.2015

Даты: 08.01.16 — 11.01.15

Область наук: Педагогические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: IAFOR - The International Academic Forum


Hear the latest research. Publish before a global audience. Present in a supportive environment. Network. Experience Hawaii. Join a global academic community.

The International Academic Forum, in conjunction with its global university and institutional partners, is proud to announce the Inaugural IAFOR International Conference on Education in Hawaii.

This international and interdisciplinary conference will act as a centre for academics, practitioners and professionals to discuss new research in education. IICE-Hawaii2016 will create opportunities for the internationalization of higher education and sharing of expertise. We invite professionals from all corners of the world to develop policies, exchange ideas, and promote new partnerships with organizations and peers.

The Inaugural IAFOR International Conference on Education 2016 – Hawaii will be held alongside the Inaugural IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning 2016 – Hawaii and the Inaugural IAFOR International Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2016 – Hawaii. Registration for either conference will allow attendees to attend sessions in the other.

In this conference – one of a series of five held in 2016 on education and social justice – participants are invited to explore and question the ways in which education can influence global trends and develop local solutions for social justice and diversity. Abstracts should address one or more of the streams below, identifying a relevant sub-theme :

    Challenging learning: individuals, groups, societies
    Challenging injustices in educational spaces
    Power and disempowerment: Structures and challenges for ‘self’ and ‘others’
    Managing education in and for diverse societies
    Literacy, power and empowerment


– Education: social justice and social change
– Education: social and political movements
– Education and post-colonialism
– Education for sustainable development
– Conflicting perspectives in learning and teaching
– Digital technologies and communications
– Educational change through technologies

– ‘Englishes’ in global communication
– Bi-cultural, bi-lingual and bi-national education
– Languages education and applied linguistics (ESL/TESL/TEFL)
– Linguistics and Pedagogy
– Multilingual societies
– Education for interdisciplinary thinking
– Education for intercultural communication
– Education for international exchange
– Challenges of new technologies

– Primary and secondary education
– Higher education
– Adult and lifelong learning
– Technology enhanced and distance learning
– International Schools and Educational goals
– Educational Policy, Leadership, Management and Administration
– Curriculum Research and Development
– Economic Management of Education
– Institutional Accreditation and Ranking
– Organizational Learning and Change
– Professional Concerns, Training and Development
– Special Education, Learning Difficulties, Disability
– Student Learning, Learner Experiences and Learner Diversity

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