Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

Страна: Чехия

Город: Prague

Тезисы до: 05.11.2015

Даты: 04.12.15 — 06.12.15

Область наук: Педагогические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Academic Conferences Association, z.s.


Conference Topics

Education, Teaching and Learning

Distance Education

Higher Education

Effective Teaching Pedagogies

Learning Styles and Learning Outcomes

Emerging Technologies

Educational Management

Engineering and Sciences Research

Competitive Skills

Continuing Education

Transferring Disciplines

Imaginative Education

Language Education

Geographical Education

Health Education

Home Education

Science Education

Secondary Education

Second life Educators

Social Studies Education

Special Education

Learning / Teaching Methodologies and Assessment

Assessment Software Tools

Global Issues In Education and Research

Education, Research and Globalization

Barriers to Learning (ethnicity, age, psychosocial factors, ...)

Women and Minorities in Science and Technology

Indigenous and Diversity Issues

Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism


Teacher Education

Cross-disciplinary areas of Education

Educational Psychology

Education practice trends and issues

Indigenous Education

Academic Research Projects

Research on Technology in Education

Research Centres

Links between Education and Research

Erasmus and Exchange experiences in universities

Students and Teaching staff Exchange programmes



Educational Technology

Educational Games and Software

ICT Education


Internet technologies

Accessibility to Disabled Users

Animation, 3D, and Web 3D Applications

Mobile Applications and Learning (M-learning)

Virtual Learning Environments

Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia

Web 2.0, Social Networking and Blogs

New Trends and Experiences

Wireless Applications

Other Areas of Education

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