The Sixth Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences

Страна: Япония

Город: Kobe

Тезисы до: 01.12.2014

Даты: 31.03.16 — 03.04.16

Область наук: Психологические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: IAFOR - The International Academic Forum


ACP2016 Conference Theme: “Justice in Psychology”     Justice, in all its forms, is an integral part of the human condition. It is natural to think of it as culture-dependent or culture-bound, but research suggests that there is also an innate aspect, as even young babies seem to have a sense of fairness and a dislike for people exhibiting unfair behaviour. This not only raises the nature – nurture debate, but also the possibility that our sense of justice may be a culturally construed transformation of a more basic urge to avenge, or revenge.   Justice or fairness impinges upon us at all levels of society, from the individual to the small group to the institutional to global society at large. At the individual level, we can conceive of the rights to basic human needs and the imperative to meet these needs within families, schools, neighbourhoods and cities. Justice also keeps individuals in line, making them feel guilt and remorse for unjust acts done toward others and to society. At the interpersonal and group level, justice addresses the myriad of important social issues such as domestic violence, bullying and the various forms of prejudice and discrimination. At the larger institutional, national and global levels, a focus on justice faces the issues of international conflict, historical rationale for hostility, injust practices and policies, and directs attention to the psychological causes, human cost, and possible solutions or prevention policies and practices. Justice undoubtedly plays an important role in our daily life, wherever we may be.

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