International Workshop on Security, Privacy and Reliability of Smart Buildings

Страна: Германия

Город: Bohn

Тезисы до: 12.12.2015

Даты: 07.04.16 — 07.04.16

Область наук: Технические;

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Организаторы: SmartBuildingSec


Smart buildings are automated buildings that deliver essential services to the modern society. These buildings reduce the energy consumption of homes, increase the safety of inhabitants, increase the comfort for employees by operating elevators, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, and perform essential services within large infrastructure buildings, e.g. smart video surveillance on airport terminals. Today's smart buildings are equipped with a steadily increasing number of features while providing rather limited security features. Hurdles to increase the security of smart buildings are rooted in several reasons. For instance, new buildings are usually required to be compatible to older components integrated decades ago, which do not provide any security features. The patchability of controller software is another unsolved problem, and the integration of state-of-the-art security features into these old operating environments is difficult due to limited computing power and memory of legacy systems.    The International Workshop on Security, Privacy and Reliability of Smart Buildings (SmartBuildingSec'16) will be initially held under the umbrella of the GI SICHERHEIT 2016. The workshop is a result of earlier, successful conference sessions and research projects. The event targets all types of automated buildings, being it commercial, public, or residential buildings, their network infrastructure and all operating environments. Research papers can address organizational aspects of smart building security, hardware-level security, network-level security and usability but can also discuss other aspects related to the topic.  Topics of interest:    Monitoring, situational awareness and visualization for smart buildings  Forensics for smart buildings  Side channels, covert channels and other forms of information hiding in smart buildings  Privacy and Surveillance in smart buildings  Network security for building automation protocols (e.g. BACnet, KNX, EnOcean)  Traffic analysis for building automation protocols  Active protection measures of smart buildings  Future perspectives of smart building security  Hardware-level security for smart buildings  Usable security for smart buildings  Teaching and education for smart building security (e.g. testbed setups and experiences to be shared with the research community)  Building-external factors influencing the security of smart buildings  Analysis of inhibitors for the security of smart buildings  Integration of security features from non-building domains to smart buildings   

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