Advanced Membrane Technology VII

Страна: Ирландия

Город: Cork

Тезисы до: 15.06.2016

Даты: 11.09.16 — 16.09.16

Область наук: Химические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: ECI



This conference series addressed technical and scientific advances in membrane science and technology.  It will also discuss broader issues related to membrane material and development that will be of interest to institutional and academic participants.  Emphasis will be particularly placed on emerging process.

Potential sessions:

    Fouling and Monitoring
    Membranes for Bioseparations
    Membrane Formation
    Inorganic Membranes
    Membranes for Water Treatment
    Gas Separations
    Membrane Reactors and Bioreactors
    Membrane Surface Modifications
    Membrane Transport
    Pervaporation and Vapor Separation
    Membranes for Biofuel Applications
    Membrane-based CO2 Capture
    Membranes for Sustainability
    Fuel Cells and Batteries
    Pressure Retarded Osmosis and Forward Osmosis
    Membrane Distillation

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