Scholarships for international students 2016-17 at ENS de Lyon

Страна: Франция;

Дедлайн: 15.01.2016



The Ampère Scholarships of Excellence of the ENS de Lyon provide students with the opportunity to enrol in one of the ENS de Lyon Masters programs in the Exact Sciences, the Arts or the Human and Social Sciences (excluding the Professional Masters programs in teaching).

The Inria and the ENS de Lyon have joined forces to offer scholarships to students who wish to enrol in the Masters program in Fundamental Computer Science and undertake their research internship within a team belonging to one of the INRIA research centres.

The MILYON Laboratory of Excellence (Labex MILYON) offers scholarships for enrolment in the Masters programs in Advanced Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science. The project is funded within the framework of the "Investissement d'avenir" program.

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