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STEP Beyond Travel Grant funds emerging artists and cultural workers to explore and to exchange views, skills and inspiration.

STEP Beyond Travel grants fund up-and-coming artists and cultural workers - giving priority to individuals up to 35 years and/or in the first 10 years of their career - to travel between EU and countries bordering the EU.

Since 2003, STEP  - which stands for ‘Supporting Travel for European Partnerships’ - Beyond Travel Grants have supported the movement of hundreds of people across European borders. In 2011, we awarded 261 individual travel grants of between €250 and €700.

By applying for the STEP Beyond Travel Grant, you are automatically joining ECF Labs: our online community of individuals in the field of arts and culture from Europe and beyond. Being part of this community enables you to share information about your projects and activities by posting blogs and photographs.

Upon the submission of your application, an online project profile will be created automatically and this will be made publicly available on this Grants Lab. Your project profile will remain publicly available, allowing you to post blog updates. You are able to delete your profile at any time by simply sending us a request at

Applicants who are successful will also be able to submit their reports and invoices through their project profile on the Grants Lab.

ECF Grants

European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is an independent foundation based in the Netherlands that has been operating across Europe for nearly 60 years. We initiate and support cultural exchange and creative expression across wider Europe.

Over the last five years, ECF has supported over 1000 projects across 59 countries through its grants programme.

We support all kinds of artistic and cultural expression: music, visual arts, theatre, dance, film, documentary, multimedia, photography, design, fashion and cultural-capacity building.

In addition to the STEP Beyond Travel Grants, ECF also awards Collaboration Grants and Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture (BIFC) Grants. Read more about these two schemes on the ECF website at

Connecting with ECF

Our grants programme supports projects that connect with our three guiding principles:

  • empowering people through art and culture

  • connecting sources of knowledge

  • linking cultural policy and practice

We are particularly interested in projects that contect to ECF’s two central programmes: European Neighbourhood and Youth & Media.