Іnternational Monetary Fund (IMF) - Fund Internship Program (FIP)

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Дедлайн: 01.03.2016

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The Fund Internship Program (FIP) is the main internship offered at the Fund. It provides an opportunity for highly promising graduate students pursuing an advanced degree/Ph.D. in macroeconomics or a related field to gain a better understanding of the IMF’s work and contribute to the institution’s mission.



Internships are offered to about 50 graduate students each year and are undertaken during the summer between May and October.

During the 10 to 13-week period, interns work under the supervision of an experienced economist to carry out a research project and prepare a paper. Their paper may be presented to staff in the department at the end of their assignment, and papers of high standard may be published internally.

Projects assigned to interns differ from year-to-year depending on the departments’ work program. Research covers a broad spectrum of economic issues, as evidenced by the following topics addressed in 2011:

  • Linkages between advanced and emerging Europe;
  • The impact of foreign exchange intervention;
  • Costs and benefits of alternative fiscal consolidation plans;
  • The role of the central bank in balancing price and financial stability in emerging markets;
  • Fiscal, monetary, and reserve policy interactions in developing countries.

IMF interns receive:

  • salary comparable to senior level support staff;
  • round-trip economy class air travel to Washington, D.C. from their university; and
  • limited medical insurance coverage.

Although the IMF provides information to help interns locate suitable accommodation in the Washington area, it does not find housing for interns or reimburse their housing costs.



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