International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

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Даты: 30.04.16 — 30.04.16

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Организаторы: International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics


Papers are invited for this special issue focusing on entrepreneurship and its linkage to sport policy and politics. Entrepreneurship is defined as any activity that is creative, risk taking, innovative, proactive and competitively aggressive in the marketplace. Sport entrepreneurship is a growing area of research which not only has practical implications for policy-makers at the sub-national, national and international government levels, but which also has implications for policy analysis. In recent years there has been increased academic and practitioner interest in the interconnection between entrepreneurialism and public policy, and particularly in the impact of entrepreneurialism on the provision of sport opportunities by the public and not-for-profit sectors. As more attention and time is being spent on sport, the aim of this special issue is to address how entrepreneurship is being utilised in the sport policy and politics context. It is envisioned that papers in this special issue will utilise a range of theories and analytical frameworks drawn from policy analysis and political science to analyse the importance and impact of entrepreneurship on sport. This special journal issue also aims to encourage more critical analysis of sport policy using entrepreneurship theory to understand the innovation and creative approaches utilised in a sports context. Articles that focus on the interconnection between entrepreneurship and the sport policy process and on the implications for sport politics are encouraged. Articles that are of interest to practitioners and public policy planners as well as scholars will be especially welcome. The contributions should be informed by policy and political science theory but be focused on the role of entrepreneurship in sport. Suggested topics include: The nature and significance of innovation and entrepreneurialism for sport development How entrepreneurial leadership from sport authorities, governments and clubs influences sport policy The role of entrepreneurship in making sport a political resource Entrepreneurial public-private partnerships in sport The role of sport entrepreneurs as actors in the policy process Corporate entrepreneurship and sport politics Entrepreneurialism, corporate social responsibility and sport The use of technology entrepreneurship in sport and public policy Sport and social/community-based entrepreneurship The impact of entrepreneurialism on access to sport opportunities The influence of innovation policy in relation to sport The role of government in the promotion and facilitation of entrepreneurialism in sport How the not-for-profit, commercial and semi-commercial sport sectors utilise entrepreneurial thinking to help develop better sport policy The role of sport in developing innovative sustainability policies

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