Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

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Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning is calling for papers for a special issue on “Health and Consumer Finance.” This special issue brings together the state of the art on understanding important socioeconomic issues of health and consumer finance in its micro and macro environments. This special issue welcomes research reports on strategies and practices that would promote healthier consumer balance sheets in the coming decades. Exemplary contributions and breakthroughs that elevate the patients to sovereign consumers are at the heart of managing finances for goals. Conceptual framework, historical analysis and evidence-based perspectives on the evolution of consumer’s healthcare finance sharpen our understanding of the challenges that consumers face. Contributions to the special issue are also aimed at highlighting paths that would empower patients to become powerful self-enterprising agents in an evolving complex healthcare market. This special issue focuses on health and consumer finance. Conceptual, quantitative and applied research papers contributing to the interplay of health and consumer finance are welcomed. The general research questions are what financial factors contribute to health, what health factors contribute to financial wellbeing, and what health and financial factors contribute to quality of life. The following themes are suggestive, but not limited for the special issue. Consumer financial planning for healthy living Debt and longevity Net worth and healthy living Health literacy of financial counselors and planners Cost-benefit analysis of healthcare credit cards Healthcare related debt and consumer credit scores Effects of Affordable Care Act on consumer financial wellbeing Effects of Affordable Care Act on consumer’s cash flow and balance shee Healthcare debt and sociodemographic characteristics of families Financial literacy, financial education, and consumer healthcare spending Healthcare planning during the retirement Credit score disparity in sick and health: Broken down by sex, age, ethnicity, religion, and marital status Medical tourism and financial counseling and planning Financial consequences of collaborating with healthcare providers and third party payers Cost-benefit analysis of end of life planning Debt management programs and healthcare finances Status and trends of consumer health care finance Healthcare satisfaction and financial satisfaction Health, financial capability, and financial wellbeing Financial consequences of health and healthcare literacy Health and financial issues of special populations: low income, military, disabled, and immigrant consumers Consumer financial protection in healthcare industries Cross-cultural research on consumer health and financial issues International comparisons on consumer health and financial issues

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