Psychology and the Legal System

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Организаторы: Psychology and the Legal System


We are opening submissions for consideration in a special issue titled "Psychology and the Legal System." The special issue is part of the innovative journal Translational Issues in Psychological Science, cosponsored by APA and the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS). "Psychology and the Legal System" will be the 10th issue of this journal, due out in June 2017. For this issue, the Editors will consider manuscripts across a broad area of legal psychology concerning such topics as legal decision making witnesses and memory forensic assessment law and policy issues suspect interviewing, interrogations, and confessions sex offender research victims and trauma children in the legal system Manuscripts submitted to Translational Issues in Psychological Science should be coauthored by at least one psychologist in training (graduate student, postdoctoral fellow), should be written concisely for a broad audience, and focus on the practical implications of the research presented in the manuscript. For more information about the journal, including detailed instructions to authors, visit the Translational Issues in Psychological Science website.

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