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Тезисы до: 01.04.2016

Даты: 01.04.16 — 01.04.16

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Организаторы: journal issue of Issues in Teacher Education


This special journal issue of Issues in Teacher Education– “Putting Theory to Work in Teacher Education for Social Justice”– seeks papers that feature theories and philosophical concepts that can help us think differently about teacher education, interrupting positivistic, neoliberal mainstream thought in pursuit of goals of social justice. Manuscripts are due April 1, 2016 and should be 3000-5000 words (not including references). Papers accepted for this issue might focus on “putting theory to work” in any of the diverse aspects of teaching and teacher education. These might include conceptual or empirical works addressing issues of research, practice, and policy. For example, manuscripts might employ diverse non-linear theories, such as cultural historical activity theory (CHAT) (Fenwick, Edwards, & Sawchuk, 2010), actor network theory (ANT) (Latour, 2005), feminist materialism (Hekman, 2010), queer theory (Sedgwick, 1990) or the adoption of one (or more) among the many theoretical constructs developed by Deleuze and Guattari (1987), to produce different ways of thinking about P-12 pedagogy, curriculum creation, teacher activism, or teacher education coursework. Other manuscripts might explore the ways that applying theory to research methods enables different ways of investigating complex phenomena related to issues of teaching for social justice, such as rhizoanalysis (Waterhouse, 2011), diffractive analysis (Barad, 2007; Lenz-Taguchi, 2012) or situational analysis (Clarke, 2003). Ultimately, all of the papers should address how thinking with particular theories or philosophical concepts and “putting them to work” enables researchers, teacher educators, and P-12 teachers engaged with a social justice agenda to effect social and educational change. We encourage all members of the educational landscape (practitioners and scholars) to submit their work for consideration.

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