Global Strategy Journal: Political Connections in Global Competition

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Даты: 01.04.16 — 01.04.16

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Организаторы: Political Connections in Global Competition


Business - government interaction has become an important issue in strategic management, both practically and theoretically. With the in creasing integration of the global economy, multinational corporations (MNCs) are exposed to dynamic political environments in their domestic and international operations where they interact with diverse political actors across geographical locations, indu stry sectors, and levels of gov ernment (Choi, Jia, and Lu, 2014 ). The economic incentive for MNCs to build and leverage connections with political actors also evolves over time, from obtaining regulatory legitimacy for overcoming liabilities of foreignness , to accessing government - controlled resources for competitiveness building and profit maximization (Hillman and Hitt, 1999), and more recently to forming public - private partnerships (PPP) for value co - creation (Luo, 2001; Porter and Kramer, 2011). Moreove r, the wider social and ethical implications of the political strategies of MNCs also vary substantially with institutional context. For instance, while political lobbies are common and legitimate practices in many developed countries, political connection s in emerging economies can take on other forms such as state ownership as well as personal and family ties with government officials, which may create negative publicity

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