Mental Health on College Campus

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Даты: 08.04.16 — 08.04.16

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Организаторы: Mental Health on College Campus


The editorial staff of Psychological Services is extending an invitation for manuscripts to be considered for a special issue on College Counseling Services. Dr. Michi Fu will work in collaboration with Dr. Alice W. Cheng, who has agreed to serve as a guest co-editor. This special issue is devoted to enhancing the professional knowledge base related to the psychological health needs of this special topic and what can be done to address those needs within public sector settings. Examples of relevant topics could be: Efficacy of individual vs. group therapy modalities in counseling centers HIPAA vs. FERPA in college counseling centers Working collaboratively across university departments without compromising confidentiality Applying EBP's in college counseling centers Efficacy of counseling on learning outcomes (retention and graduation rates) Help-seeking behaviors among college students Counseling centers meeting the needs of diverse student populations (e.g. ethnic minority, sexual orientation, religious minority, SES, veterans). Balancing the crisis counseling/walk-in with ongoing client needs. Utilizing brief therapy models for individual treatment of college students. Innovative group therapy strategies to meet the demands of students on campus. Best practices for acute and severely mentally ill on campus. Data and outcome on these students. Effective strategies for reducing wait times for accessing services. Counseling center staff considerations while participating as a behavioral intervention team (BIT) member. Prevalence and prevention on use and misuse of psychotropic medication prescribe on college campuses. Effective time-bound interventions for college counseling centers. The role of counseling center on violence prevention on campus. Providing effective outreach programs on college campuses. 18. Knowing when to refer to off campus resources. To promote the utility of this special section, all papers submitted must have a clinical application section that outlines the importance of the findings for psychologists in public service.

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