ChiMoKoJa - Histories of China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan

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The academic and peer reviewed journal ChiMoKoJa - Histories of China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan ( chimokoja-histories-of-china-mongolia-korea-and-japan) is calling for papers for its third volume. ChiMoKoJa invites scholars whose research is focussing on the history of one or more of the countries of East Asia (China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan) – no matter which time period – to submit an article. The submissions should resemble current and original research on these regions. Especially welcome are papers that provide a comparative perspective of the region or the history of interrelated aspects. Next to established scholars we also encourage young scholars to send in articles to be considered for publication. All papers will be blind-peer-reviewed before they are accepted. Reviews of recent books, which are covering the history of East Asia in general or specific national aspects of the region are always welcome. Submissions should have a length of 6,000-10,000 use footnotes and follow the latest Chicago Manual of Style.

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