Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication

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Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open access journal which seeks to publish original research articles of high quality in language, linguistics, and communication studies. Globe is anchored at Aalborg University in Denmark and is managed by members of two research groups in language and communication. The fourth issue is scheduled for publication in the fall of 2016, and will consist of a thematic section, an open section, and a section for book reviews. The thematic section of the fourth issue focuses on the interplay between language and culture and we invite contributions dealing with all aspects within this area, such as, but not limited to, the following: - The instantiation of cultural conceptualization in language use and the language system - Cultural variation within and across language varieties linguistic perspectives on intercultural communication - The interaction between discourse genres and culture methodological perspectives on research in language and culture - Cultural perspectives on individual linguistic phenomena or sets of linguistic phenomena such as constructions, idioms, lexemes, particles, morphemes, metaphors etc. Theoretical papers on the interplay between language and culture are also welcome. The open section and the review section are not thematically restricted, and we welcome contributions for these within all aspects of the general scope of the journal. The editorial team hereby invites researchers within linguistics, cultural studies, and communication studies (and related fields) to submit contributions in English, Spanish, German, or Danish (which are the publication languages of the journal) to all three sections of the fourth issue.

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