Immigration and Refugees

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Даты: 01.05.16 — 01.05.16

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Examples of topics include, but are not limited to: The psychological experience of immigration and/or of being a refugee Mental health issues related to immigration; mental health issues in refugees (e.g., PTSD, coping with trauma, etc.) Resiliency of refugees; factors that support and/or hinder resilience in refugees and immigrants; factors that support or hinder the immigration process (e.g., coping abilities, stress, social support, etc.) Challenges related to social integration for different age groups (e.g. children adapting to a new school, learning a new language, making friends, adapting to a new culture; adults finding a new job; etc.) Community mobilization: the role of communities and community groups in facilitating the immigration process or the refugee process, etc. Psychological services: offering culturally and linguistically appropriate services; challenges in offering psychological services to refugees or immigrants Xenophobia and discrimination vis a vis refugees and immigrants Acculturation, issues related to culture We encourage submissions from a range of disciplines within psychology including clinical psychology, school psychology, counseling psychology, organizational psychology, cultural psychology, community psychology, etc. While review papers are preferred, different types and formats of papers will be accepted for this special issue, including: review and scoping papers (e.g., a review on the challenges related to immigration, etc.) original studies if they are of potential interest to a broad proportion of psychologists (e.g., a survey of psychologists about their experience in offering services to immigrants, etc.)

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