The INTESDA International Conference on Advancing the Life Sciences and Public Health Awareness - ALPHA 2016

Страна: Япония

Город: Nagoya

Тезисы до: 27.05.2016

Даты: 10.06.16 — 11.07.16

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: INTESDA


The United Nation’s launch of the Sustainable Development Goals has brought renewed focus to the importance of the sciences and healthcare in achieving the UN global agenda. In particular,
the correlation between the life sciences and public health issues as well as other disciplines such as the IT field is yielding groundbreaking discoveries from novel genes and bio-products to cutting-edge nanotechnology, resulting in a transformed science landscape with profound global applications in understanding life, eradicating diseases, securing a more equitable food and water supply/distribution as well as creating novel bio-industries and products. The sheer scope and number of these scientific and healthcare advances and the never-ending influx of knowledge, while at times overwhelming, both challenge and inspire hope for an improved quality of life for all.

Topic Streams
Life Science Topics

    Agriculture, Biotechnology and Food Science
    Animal Science and Veterinary Science
    Biodiversity, Conservation and Marine Biology
    Bioengineering, Biomechanics and Biomaterials
    Biology, Microbiology, Parastilogy and Virology
    Cell Biology and Neuroscience
    Environmental Science and Ecology Education
    Medical and Biomedical Sciences
    Physiology, Gerontology and Anatomy
    Zoology, Entomology and Botany
    Other Areas (Please Specify)

Public Health Topics

    Aging Health, Community Health and Sexual Health
    Environmental Health, Water, Sanitation and Dental Hygiene
    Epidemiology, Endocrinology and Preventive Healthcare
    Health Economics and Policy, Healthcare Management and Biostatistics
    Maternal Child Health, Midwifery, Neonatal and Pediatric Care   
    Nursing Practice, Education and Public Health Nursing
    Nutrition, Malnutrition, Dietetics and Food Safety
    Occupational Safety, Industrial Health and Physical Therapy
    Public Health Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Drug Development
    Public Health Challenges for the 21st Century
    Other Areas (Please Specify)

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