VII International conference on Cinema & Tourism

Страна: Португалия

Город: Porto

Тезисы до: 30.05.2016

Даты: 19.10.16 — 20.10.16

Область наук: Географические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: APTUR - Associação Portuguesa de Turismologia



The conference will cover a large range of topics of audio-visual media, destination image, branding and co-creation, organized according to the following eight tracks:
TRACK 1:  Cinema, Creative Industries and Tourism     TRACK 2:  Bridging the gap between media and tourism

    The convergence of culture, creative industries and tourism
    Cinema as a dream’s land of tourism and creative industries
    Cinema and gentrification of tourism destinations
    Cinema, storytelling and tourism development
    The jet setting travellers as a valuable niche market
    Locations based transmedia storytelling


    Tourism and Media - how to bridge the gap?
    The nexus between cultural heritage, media and tourism
    The convergence of media and tourism marketing
    Media, narratives and branding image
    The role of travel journalism in the tourism promotion
    The role of media relations in crisis communications

TRACK 3:  Creativity and Destination Marketing     TRACK 4:  Creative Cities, Creative events and Creative Tourism

    Urban and regional tourism planning
    World Heritage and intangible cultural heritage management
    Glocalisation: managing the global and the local in the tourism industry
    Co-Creation as a strategic element of tourism destination marketing
    Cooperation and stakeholder networks in destination marketing
    Destination marketing, Internet and e-tourism
    Creativity, innovation and smart destinations
    Augmented reality and virtual experience
    Sustainable Tourism Certification


    Enhancing tourism experience with creative tourism
    Heritage tourism and cultural experience
    Creative tourism as a source of growth
    Creative tourism policies and practices
    Sustainable tourism and empowerment of local communities
    Entrepreneurship in tourism businesses
    Experience economy, value creation and co-creation
    New tourism products for new costumers
    Creative tourism as a milestone of local tourism development

TRACK 5:  New Strategies for Destination Branding     TRACK 6:  Social Media and Co-branding of Destinations

    Branding and marketing of cities, regions and countries
    Core competencies of destination brand management
    Designing and communicating destination brands
    Tourist created content and destination branding
    Events, festivals and destination branding
    E-marketing and social media strategies
    Big data for smart destinations


    Social media, social representations and destination image
    Culture, creativity and destination brand images
    Social networking, social media and co-branding of destinations
    Destination brand equity perceptions
    Brand models for tourism destinations
    Social media and destination branding
    Travel Information Search and Retrieval

TRACK 7:  Creative Strategies for Tourism Development     TRACK 8:  Promoting Destinations & Film Locations

    Inter-organizational dynamics (e.g., acquisitions, joint venture, strategic alliances, coopetitive strategies, etc.) in the tourism sector
    Knowledge economy and Smart Destinations
    Optimizing tourism destination management
    Information and communication technologies in tourism
    Tourism, Culture and Heritage in a Smart Economy
    Social media, social networking and ICTs for partnership in Tourism
    Internet-of-Things and Smart Destinations
    ICT for Regional Development and Sustainability
    ICT-enabled Partnership and Collaboration


    Building successful partnerships between tourism and the media
    The film commissions as a milestone of the tourism development
    Promoting destinations via film tourism
    Integrated strategies to promote film locations
    The sound and image of heritage in the tourism value chain

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