Materials`2016 Montreal International Conference

Страна: Канада

Город: Montreal

Тезисы до: 30.05.2016

Даты: 20.06.16 — 24.06.16

Область наук: Технические;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Advanced Engineering Solutions


Contributions, mini-symposia and expositions are invited in the following and related scientific / engineering and technological research areas:

    Materials and engineering design
    Metals and alloys
    Composite materials and structures
    Ceramics and systems
    Biomaterials, bio-tribology and devices
    Nano and nanotechnology
    Smart and adaptive material systems, including intelligent aeronautical materials and structures
    Advanced experimental testing methods
    Areas of Applications
    Other related scientific/engineering and technological research areas.

Materials and engineering design

    Advances and trends in industrial materials (including biomaterials) and their applications
    Advanced metallic and non-metallic materials and composite systems
    High performance materials
    Advanced composite systems
    Materials and structures under severe loading conditions including shock waves
    Advanced aeronautical materials
    Heat capacity and phase transition
    Materials for energy generation industry
    Materials for non-conventional energy generation industry (e.g. fuel cells and solar panels, etc.)
    Solid-fluid interaction
    Materials performance, modeling and prototyping
    Fatigue and damage of materials and structures
    Computational structural mechanics
    Structural and multi-disciplinary optimization
    Numerical methods, including optimization and simulation, databases, etc. of the material microstructure and pertinent macroscopic response behavior
    Performance stability of engineering materials and structures
    Interfaces and couplings in various types of environment
    Reliability and security of structures through the application of advanced industrial materials
    Innovative electro-mechanical material systems to increase efficiency, reliability, safety and security of engineering structures
    Material aging
    Environment, health and safety
    Informatics and standards
    Material recycling
    Social and economic impact
    New directions

Metals and alloys

    Metals and alloys for thermal energy production
    Metals and alloys for severe loading conditions including shock waves
    Light metals
    Metal foam and superlight components
    Plasticity and formability
    Functional characterization: From Micro to Macro and vice-versa
    performance, modeling and prototyping
    Fracture and damage mechanics
    Advanced materials processing, fabrication and manufacturing developments
    Wear and wear resistance
    Innovative corrosion control
    Welding and adhesive joining
    Nonlinear dynamics and coupled mechanical systems
    Advanced experimental methods
    Material aging
    Material recycling
    New directions

Composite materials and structures

    Advanced composites and aerospace materials
    Fiber-reinforced polymer composites for infrastructure applications
    Natural materials and systems
    Engineering materials made from recycled wastes
    Hybrid materials and systems for the automobile industry among others
    Homogenous and discrete material systems and structures
    Multilayered and fibrous reinforced composite materials and structures
    Advanced metallic and ceramic composite systems
    Conductive composites and their industrial applications
    Various types of composite-reinforcements including organic materials
    Functional composites
    Polymeric fibers to concrete adhesion
    Polymeric matrices and their derivatives
    Geologic materials and systems
    Surface and interfacial science
    Rheology, Viscoelasticity and Anelasticity
    Viscous damping and contemporary architecture
    Composite materials for infrastructure and non-conventional applications
    Joining and adhesive bonding of composite materials and pertinent structures
    Concrete and pavement research
    Microstructures and micromechanics
    Nanostructures and nanomechanics
    Multi-scale modeling, prototyping and simulation of the performance of composite systems and pertinent structures
    Advances in processing, fabrication and manufacturing methods
    Failure mechanisms and prevention of failure in composite materials and structures
    Advanced experimental methods
    Material aging
    Material recycling
    New directions

Ceramics materials and systems

    Piezoceramics systems and applications
    Ceramics and non-metallic materials and systems
    Applications of ceramics in very high temperatures thermal power applications
    Simulations, including mapping, optimization and databases
    Interfaces and couplings in severe environment
    Material aging
    Material recycling
    New directions

Biomaterials and devices

    Agricultural biotechnology
    Biomechanics and bioengineering
    Biomedical materials, systems, devices and pertinent informatics
    Biomemetics and bio-interfacial sciences
    Biomaterials (Implants, Devices, Sensors)
    Medical Biotechnology
    Inorganic non-metallic matrix composites
    Organic-inorganic hybrid composites
    Microsystems technology
    Functional materials for medical applications
    Biodegradability, compostability and life cycle assessments
    Engineered biomaterials: Linking physical and chemical properties to Biology
    Erosion, corrosion and abrasion of biomaterials and systems
    Interfaces and couplings in various types of environment
    Biomechanics simulations, including mapping and optimization
    Biothermodynamics, including pharmaceutical and medical applications
    Bioinformatics and bioengineering
    Advances in biosciences as pertinent to human performance in a severe environment
    Advances in prostheses
    Adaptive dynamic biomaterials and systems
    Biomaterials aging
    Advances in experimental methods as pertinent to biomaterials and biosystems
    Functional characterization of biomaterials and systems
    Material recycling
    New directions

Nano and nanotechnology

    Nanostructures and nanomechanics
    MEMS/NEMS and devices
    Microstructures and photonics
    Multifunctional, hybrid and nanomaterials
    Bio-MEMS/Bio-NEMS materials and devices including Biomimetics
    Numerical methods, optimization and prototyping including simulation
    Advanced experimental methods
    Nano-manufacturing processes
    Nano-manufacturing characterization techniques
    Social and economic impacts
    New directions

Smart and adaptive material systems

    Intelligent materials and structures, and their applications
    Smart micro- and nanoelectronic devices and systems (including fiber-optic sensors)
    Self-healing materials with time-memory
    Functionalization of adaptive materials and pertinent engineering structures
    Smart polymers (including smart paints)
    Polymers and communication
    Neural networks and fuzzy systems
    Shape memory alloys for improved performance of fibre-reinforced plastics
    Integrated and intelligent simulation techniques
    Intelligent production devices
    Electronic and computational materials
    Reliability and security of structures through the application of advanced industrial materials
    Innovative electro-mechanical material systems to increase efficiency, reliability, safety and security of engineering structures
    Superconducting design applications
    Systems intelligence
    Control of intelligent systems and control intelligence
    Adaptive dynamic materials and systems
    Advanced experimental methods
    Industry, human factors and social issues
    Emergent technologies and new directions

Advanced experimental testing methods

    Advanced experimental testing methods for the determination of the mechanical and physical characteristics of advanced engineering materials
    Lasers and engineering materials
    Maintainability and health monitoring
    New imaging technologies (including medical imaging)
    Spectroscopic solutions: (FT – IR) * IR Microscopy * Raman * NMR * UV-Vis
    Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition techniques as pertinent to engineering materials and their applications
    Other related scientific/engineering and technological research areas
    New directions.

Areas of Applications

    Energy and utilities
    Aerospace and automotive industries
    Computer Sciences
    Electronics and semiconductor industries
    Energy and utilities, including solar and hydro
    Environment and civil infrastructure
    Forest and paper products
    Health Sciences
    Materials, chemical industries and green manufacturing
    Medical and pharmaceutical industries
    Social and economic aspects
    National security and defence
    Other related scientific/engineering and technological research areas

Other related scientific/engineering and technological research areas

    All Engineering Disciplines
    Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology
    Bio-derived Novel Materials
    Biological Sciences
    Cell-engineering; Chemical; Chemistry
     Chemical Sciences
    Clinical Medicine
    Earth and Related Environmental Sciences
    Educational Sciences
    Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
    Electronics; Electronic engineering; Energy; Environment  
    Energy and Fuels
    Information Science and Bioinformatics
    Physical Chemistry
    Forest and paper products technologies
    Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry
    Life Sciences  
    Machinery; Maritime; Mathematics; Metallurgy
    Medicinal Chemistry
    Physical Sciences
    Materials – Fluids Interactions
    Materials and ART
    Other Engineering and Technology Disciplines.

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