Hybrid Writing: Literature as Criticism, Criticism as Literature

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Тезисы до: 13.09.2016

Даты: 13.09.16 — 13.09.16

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Организаторы: University of East Anglia


There is a trend in contemporary writing for work which, like Gilbert, interrogates and challenges the divide between literature and criticism – writing which accounts for the fact that literary criticism can itself be literary, that the literature it criticises can have a critical function, and that Creative Writing impels these practices to cohabit in the academy. Whilst Wilde staged the destabilisation of the literary/critical divide as a dialogue, contemporary writing goes further, showing performatively how writing can be both. This conference aims to explore this hybridity through work which interrogates or destabilises the established demarcation within writing.

 Discussing a particular form of this writing, Paul Dawson recently described ‘a textual no man’s land in which a generic intermingling and hybridity takes place’ (166-7). Whilst there has always been generic intermingling between criticism and literature, it is marked particularly strongly in contemporary writing. We think that our ‘textual no man’s land’ of work which permeates the binary division has been increasingly populated in recent writing, with notable contributions from writers including Ali Smith, Anne Carson, and Geoff Dyer. We are calling this ‘Hybrid Writing’. Although there has been some critical attention given to both individual practitioners of this writing and their particular hybrid texts, there has been relatively little examination of hybrid writing as a broad tendency. This conference will create a space in which to remedy this.

We therefore invite proposals for papers from postgraduate and early career researchers in any discipline which respond to the idea of ‘Hybrid Writing’.

 Topics might include, but are not limited to:

     Creative criticism, including fictocriticism
    Literary texts with a critical function
    The history of the literary/critical divide
    Theoretical approaches to the literary/critical divide
    The work of contemporary hybrid writers
    The contemporary resonances of pre-twenty-first century hybrid writing

 We are also keen to receive proposals for papers on any topic which themselves perform or exhibit this hybrid quality.

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