Recent Advances in Synthesis and Catalysis of 3D Transition Metal Oxides

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Организаторы: Journal of Chemistry


Transition metal oxides constitute a major area of catalytic materials and have been receiving widespread and continuous attention in the catalysis research community. Due to the earth‐abundance of 3D transition metal oxides, they are extensively used as heterogeneous catalysts or catalyst supports for noble metals in industrial catalysis for a variety of applications, such as chemical manufacturing, petroleum refinery, plastic production, and biomass upgrading. Enormous efforts have also been dedicated to the design and development of new 3D transition metal oxide‐based nanostructured materials for replacing high‐cost noble metal‐based analogues. For example, morphologically controlled synthesis of 3D transition metal oxide nanostructures with preferentially exposed crystal surfaces leads to distinct catalytic properties. It further allows for establishing a structure‐property relationship that provides deep insights in designing new catalytic materials.

In addition to the applications in heterogeneous catalysis, most 3D transition metal oxides are semiconductors and exhibit significant photocatalytic properties in reactions of water‐splitting, CO2 reduction, and organic pollutants degradation. Currently, great challenges lie in the development of photocatalytic materials with high efficiency in solar energy harvesting and transformation. Synthesis and engineering of 3D transition metal oxide nanostructures with enhanced quantum efficiency offers a solution to tackle these challenges.

This special issue aims to present recently developed novel synthetic strategies of 3D transition metal oxide nanostructures and their catalytic or photocatalytic applications. It is open to both original research articles and review articles.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

    Size and shape‐controlled synthesis of 3D transition metal oxide nanostructures
    Synthesis and characterization of mixed transition metal oxides
    Synthesis of microporous or mesoporous 3D transition metal oxides
    Studies on growth mechanisms of 3D transition metal oxide nanostructures
    Characterization of surface structures of 3D transition metal oxides in relation to catalytic properties
    Oxygen vacancy and phase transition of 3D transition metal oxides
    Engineering 3D transition metal oxides for improved performances in photocatalysis
    Studies of metal‐support interaction on 3D transition metal oxides
    In situ studies of 3D transition metal oxide‐based nanocatalysts under reaction conditions or during catalysis

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