Journal of Contextual Economics on The Idea of Justice in Economics

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Даты: 31.08.16 — 31.08.16

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Организаторы: Schmollers Jahrbuch: Journal of Contextual Economics


Schmollers Jahrbuch: Journal of Contextual Economics is a new forum for research analyzing economic life in relation to its social and physical environment, particularly for research interested in the interface between the economic system and other social, cultural and physical systems. The journal sees itself continuing in a tradition indebted to the economist Gustav Schmoller, and this call for papers seeks to reassess one of the central concerns that Schmoller and his generation of social reforming economists had in the late nineteenth century: the problem of growing income inequality. In 1881 Schmoller published an article entitled “The Idea of Justice in Political Economy,” which was translated and published in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science in 1894 (see here). The article quickly became a touchstone for many members of the Progressive Movement as they addressed themselves to the problem of growing inequality in the United States in the “Gilded Age.”

As many contemporary economists are beginning to acknowledge, we are today in something of a second Gilded Age in which the problem of persistent and growing inequality has remerged as one of the most urgent. It is both a drag on economic growth and the root of many political, social and physical pathologies. The problem is worldwide and includes not only the rising inequality within many countries, but growing disparity between so-called least developed, developing and developed countries. Taking as its starting point Schmoller’s 1894 article, the Journal of Contextual Economics invites contributions to a special issue that will address itself to the question of the contemporary relevance of the idea of justice in economics. Contributions that approach the problem conceptually / theoretically or address it from a policy perspective are equally welcome.

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