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Даты: 30.09.16 — 30.09.16

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Because these questions are often multilevel in nature, the suggested themes of our call cover  country,  industry, firm, team, and individual levels of analysis. We  particularly  welcome studies that apply wider  theoretical lenses and multilevel approaches in order to better capture the complexity of global work in  MNEs. Specifically, t his special issue seeks to promote and shape the future direction for research  addre ssing questions at the intersection of the following themes:  (1) global work in MNEs  – what  structures, systems, and policies and practices do MNEs need to facilitate global work? (2) strategic HRM  in MNEs  – how does the system design and implementation fi t an MNE’s global strategy?, and (3) global  talent management in MNEs  – how do we define, conceptualize, and identify global talent , and h ow do  we manage it within multiple MNE contexts?  Original empirical research, theory development,  and  meta - analytic reviews are all suitable for potential inclusion n the special issue.  We are particularly  interested in submissions that integrate across the three themes outlined above.

1. Global Work and the MNE

2. Strategic HRM in the MNE

3. Global Talent Management and the MNE

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