Special Issue "Sedimentary Basins and Orogenic Belts 2016 Edition"

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Тезисы до: 30.09.2016

Даты: 30.09.16 — 30.09.16

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Организаторы: Geosciences


The major objective of this special issue of Geosciences is to examine the dynamically linked relations between sedimentary basin and orogenic belt development. Because sedimentary basins serve as the repositories of detritus delivered from deforming and eroding orogens, they record the geodynamic signature of mountain belt development. This sediment source (orogen) to sink (basin) relationship results in a wide spectrum of attributes typically recorded in basin-fill including:  (1) tectonic style of lithosphere/crust deformation during orogensis, (2) sedimentary and geomorphic responses to land surface deformation, (3) controls on sediment provenance and dispersal, (4) development of paleotopography, (5) rates and mechanisms of mountain belt uplift and exhumation, (6) distribution and evolution of depositional systems, (7) paleoenvironments and climate and (8) biogeographic parameters.

Specifically, this special issue aims to provide an outlet for rapid, widely accessible publication of peer-reviewed studies utilizing the synorogenic sedimentary basin record to improve understanding of orogenesis in associated mountain belts using both modern and ancient examples from all types of tectonic settings. Research spanning the spectrum of methods ranging from use of more traditional field-based stratigraphic analysis and structural mapping to geochemical and isotopic provenance/subsidence history analysis to basin/orogen modeling approaches is welcomed.

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