Special Issue: Safe Practice in Ultrasound

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Даты: 01.09.16 — 01.09.16

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Ultrasound is The Journal of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (https://www.bmus.org),Ultrasound is dedicated solely to publishing ultrasound-related topics for users of this rapidly evolving specialty. It provides a forum for presentation of relevant scientific and technical advances in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications of ultrasound. The international editorial board publishes high quality educational articles, useful for everyday practice, alongside reviews, research and case studies. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Ultrasound publishes articles on all aspects of medical ultrasound, including diagnostic applications, therapy, physics, technology, educational and professional issues.

Special Issue:

Ultrasound is currently soliciting manuscripts for a special issue devoted to safe practice in medical ultrasound. The issue is planned for publication early in 2017. The intention is to cover safety in ultrasound in the broadest sense.

Topics for consideration include:

•    Acoustic safety and guidelines
•    Safety of new ultrasound technologies
•    Control of infection
•    Work related musculo-skeletal injury
•    Fitness for purpose of equipment / training and assessment regimes
•    Audit of practice
•    Reassurance scans 
•    Duty of candour

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