Nanomaterials in Biomedical Optics and Photoacoustics

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Тезисы до: 23.09.2016

Даты: 23.09.16 — 23.09.16

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Организаторы: Journal of Nanomaterials


Since the invention of the microscope, light has played a crucial role in the discovery of phenomena in all forms of life, from single-celled organisms to humans. Nowadays advanced pure optical and hybridized optical methods coupled with nanoscale dyes or metallic components have been a recent subject of extensive research in biomedical field towards study of molecules, cells, tissue structure, and function of tissues in vivo or in vitro. In this special issue, we aim to highlight the recent progress in the development and application of nanomaterials in biomedical optics, including but not limited to fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy, photoacoustic imaging, optical coherence tomography, diffuse optical tomography, photodynamic therapy, and photothermal therapy.

We invite investigators to contribute original research articles as well as review articles that will stimulate continuing efforts to apply nanotechnology into biomedical optics.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

    Development of nanomaterials for biomedical optics
    Applications of nanomaterials in optical imaging and spectroscopy, including fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy and photoacoustic imaging
    Applications of nanomaterials in optical based therapeutic approach including photodynamic therapy and photothermal therapy

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