Special Issue on: "Youth and Entrepreneurship Education"

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Даты: 31.08.16 — 31.08.16

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Организаторы: J. for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development


Policy makers and scholars alike consider entrepreneurship to be instrumental for our economic development (Schumpeter, 1934; EC, 2013). According to the European Commission (2013), entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education reflect two of the most important avenues in the advancement of societies. These concepts are interconnected for boosting innovation, creativity, employment and economic growth.

Although research into entrepreneurship is growing and gaining legitimacy among scientific communities, only a few scholars have focused on the area of entrepreneurship education (e.g. Peterman and Kennedy 2003; Souitaris et al. 2007), in particular on its innovative aspects such as multimedia (e.g. Béchard and Grégoire, 2005), narratives (e.g. Godsey and Sebora, 2009) and special target groups for addressing youth unemployment (e.g. DeJaeghere and Baxter, 2014).

Moreover, research in this area of entrepreneurship is inconclusive (Lorz et al., 2013; Rideout and Gray, 2013; Bae et al., 2014), with several previous studies finding a positive impact of entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial perceptions regarding attractiveness and feasibility (e.g. Peterman and Kennedy 2003; Fayolle et al. 2006). However, other studies have produced evidence that the effects are either mixed, negative or not significant (e.g. Souitaris et al. 2007; Oosterbeek et al. 2010; von Graevenitz et al., 2010).

As a result, this special issue is open to conceptual and empirical papers that explore the relationship between entrepreneurial education and new venture creation with a special focus on youth entrepreneurship.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Linkages between youth and entrepreneurship education
  • Youth and entrepreneurship across disciplines
  • International comparative studies on youth entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial intentions, behaviour, motivation and awareness
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Business models of young entrepreneurs
  • Innovative teaching concepts and models in entrepreneurship education
  • Theorising in entrepreneurship education
  • Approaches of entrepreneurship education outcomes and impact
  • Reviews, beta analyses and bibliometric analyses on extant entrepreneurship education literature
  • Experiential versus cognitive approaches in entrepreneurial learning
  • Entrepreneurship education for different target groups (e.g. non-business students, etc.)

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