Essays in Philosophy: Effective Altruism

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Effective altruism is a growing social and intellectual movement at the intersection of academia and the public domain. It seeks to use insights from philosophy, economics, and related disciplines to identify the best means to improve the world. The ethical considerations that serve as a foundation for effective altruists typically involve a sensitivity to the different kinds of impacts our decisions about giving and spending can have, reflection on the values we place on helping others and spending on ourselves, and willingness to worry about the impacts of different kinds of career choices.

Essays in Philosophy invites the submission of papers that explore some topic of relevance for the effective altruism movement. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cause selection and prioritization
  • The ethics of career choice
  • Effective altruism and existential risk
  • Effective animal activism
  • Systemic change vs. alternative paths to impact
  • Proven vs. speculative causes
  • The demandingness of effective altruism
  • The moral foundations of effective altruism

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