The Journal of Family Psychology: Military Deployment Communication

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Даты: 01.08.16 — 01.08.16

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Организаторы: Journal of Family Psychology


чThe Journal of Family Psychology invites manuscripts for a special section on military deployment communication.

The ability of military service members to maintain regular communication with their intimate partners and spouses during their deployment to a combat has increased dramatically in the last decade.

Researchers have begun to expand beyond investigating the role of written communication for couples experiencing this type of separation. Only recently have studies been conducted on the impact of modern communication (e.g., Skype and instant messaging) on the job of the service member and the functioning of both service member and spouse.

The literature in this area, however, lacks an accepted conceptual framework for understanding these modes of communication. Furthermore, there has not been an exploration of the reasons why inquiry in this area is important.

For instance, what individual- and couple-based outcomes are important to examine and why, and what implications do these findings have for military policy, training, and deployment preparation for military families?

The intent of this special section is to bring together empirical papers that contribute to the developing conceptual frameworks of deployment communication and a broader consideration of the impact of deployment communication on the psychological health and well-being of military families.

Papers that contribute new findings and advance the development of this important area of research will be considered for publication.

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