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I am asking for submissions that outline a particular theory of consciousness and explore its conclusions, implications or possibilities when body and brain physically die. Are there alternatives? This is of course asking for speculation soundly based within the theory you choose, but from here in life one should be able to extrapolate, make educated guesses, or imagine the potentials implied by the theory. Obviously, for materialists who embrace brain-created consciousness, consciousness dies with the brain. For the existentialists, death ends all. But there are other ontologies such as neutral monism or panpsychism, or the ideas of Jung or Whitehead that see beyond the veil. I would be very interested to see what a phenomenologist can come up with!

I will be looking for scholarly papers over autobiography, but the personal element is welcome, if it enhances your theory. (No channelling stories, please.) Discussions of this ultimate question may even verge into the question of linear time's reality.

To gather in a wide variety of viewpoints, I ask that you do not exceed 20 pages single-spaced. Consistent citation format requested.

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