Special Issue on: "Multinationals, Sustainability and Social Change"

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Тезисы до: 01.09.2016

Даты: 01.09.16 — 01.09.16

Область наук: Социологические;

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Организаторы: Int. J. of Business Environment


Recent years have seen growing recognition that multinational corporations (MNCs) are resourceful actors that can play a crucial role for sustainable development and social change (Salciuviene et al. 2009). However, while these roles are widely recognised, relevant theories and debates have often remained unconnected.

 A key aim of this special issue is to explore the theoretical intersections around the complexities of MNCs, sustainability and social change. Diverse theoretical perspectives implicitly or explicitly address the role MNCs play in sustainable development and social change, such as (i) the growing literature on sustainability transitions (e.g. Geels 2011; Loorbach & Wijsman 2013), (ii) network theories (Webb et al. 2010, Ritvala et al. 2014), (iii) institutional change and the role of MNCs in institutional voids (e.g. Mair and Martí 2009, Pinkse and Kolk 2010, Tracey and Phillips 2011), (iv) more traditional international business perspectives (e.g. Shane & Venkataraman 2000, Birkinshaw et al. 2005, Freeman et al. 2010, Khanna & Palepu 2010, Ellis 2011, Jones 2011), and (v) complexity theory (de Lange et al. 2015). However, these theoretical approaches are primarily discussed in separate streams of literature.

Additionally, in the relatively young academic field of corporate sustainability, many theoretical concepts on possible contributions of MNCs to sustainable development have not yet sufficiently been tested empirically. This special issue therefore aims to provide a platform for linking previously unconnected streams of literature on the (positive and negative) contributions of MNCs to sustainable development and social change, as well as to discuss the relevant theoretical concepts based on new empirical insights. It will explore the manifold roles of MNCs in the institutional, environmental and social domain. Exploring this multidimensionality calls for a use of different theories, research perspectives (e.g. critical and mainstream) and methods (conceptual and empirical).

Subject Coverage

 We invite contributions that empirically and/or theoretically address the theme of the special issue. Exemplary topics are displayed in the following non-conclusive list:

    MNCs and sustainable development
        When and how does multinationality enable (or prevent) the sustainable evolution of corporations, corporate sectors and national standards?
        Interaction of MNCs with local and national proponents of social and sustainable development
        Stakeholder theory perspectives on MNCs and sustainability
        The role of MNCs in shaping discourses on sustainability issues
        The role of MNCs in transferring and diffusing sustainability practices across countries (e.g. GRI)
        MNCs as social and sustainable entrepreneurs
        New actor constellations and interaction patterns between MNCs and other sustainable/social entre-/intrapreneurs
        MNCs as drivers, facilitators or obstacles of sustainable and social entre-/intrapreneurship and of sustainable development.
    MNCs and institutional/social entrepreneurship
        When and how do MNCs act as institutional/social entrepreneurs?
        The role of institutional embeddedness, diversity (e.g. kind of market economies) and contradiction for the ability and motivation of MNCs to transform or protect institutions
        MNCs as drivers, facilitators or obstacles of institutional change, social transition and development in emerging markets
        The role of MNCs in major institutional change projects such as TTIP


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