Thermoplasmonic Effects and Applications in Noble Nanoparticles

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Даты: 05.08.16 — 05.08.16

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Организаторы: Journal of Nanomaterials


Noble nanoparticles (NPs) such as gold and silver have the extraordinary capability to squeeze down the light at the nanometer scale by exploiting a phenomenon called localized plasmonic resonance (LPR). The LPR effect can be induced through the interaction between a visible/NIR electromagnetic radiation and the free electrons of the NP localized at the metallic/dielectric interface. As a consequence, due to the LPR effect, there is a strong temperature variation around the NPs resulting in nanosized sources of heat. Although challenging to study and measure the temperature increase at the surface of the NPs under a suitable (resonant) optical radiation, it is an important issue for applications ranging from photonics to nanomedicine. This special issue is devoted to overview both fundamental theories and advanced applications of NPs as efficient nanosource of heat remotely controllable by light.

We invite investigators to contribute with review and original papers reporting recent efforts in the field of thermoplasmonics based applications.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

    Photothermal modeling of plasmonic nanostructures
    Adaptive optics based on plasmonic heating
    Plasmonic photothermal based dynamic optical filtering
    Thermoplasmonics based optofluidic applications
    Photothermal effects of plasmonic nanoparticles combined with liquid crystalline materials
    Plasmonic photothermal therapy
    Thermoplasmonics assisted gene therapies

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