The Global Student Challenge

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Дедлайн: 30.09.2016




The Global Student Challenge, powered by the Supply Chain Finance Community, offers students a unique opportunity to compete for great prizes while testing their supply chain skills and showing them off to recruiters. Starting today student teams can join in and start playing a highly advanced business simulation, used internationally by the world’s leading companies.



Supply Chain Finance Community

The Supply Chain Finance Community (SCFC) is launching the Global Student Challenge to create awareness on- and stimulate development around supply chain finance. In this elite international competition students will be challenged to show their skills in managing a virtual company “The Cool Connection” and its physical and financial supply chain.  

The Cool Connection

The Cool Connection is a highly advanced business simulation that is used internationally by the world’s leading companies as a training tool. This new way of experiential learning is as close as you can get to reality. It provides insight in the complexities and interdependencies of supply chains whilst operating under uncertain and volatile market conditions.  


The Challenge engages participants in making strategic and tactical decisions to realize a turn-around at a manufacturing company of personal care products called The Cool Connection. Working in teams of four, the participants each take up one of he roles in the management team:

  • Vice President Sales

  • Vice President Purchasing

  • Vice President Finance

  • Vice President Supply Chain

The Challenge provides the opportunity for students and teachers to experience this professional learning tool and connect to companies who face these complexities on a daily basis. 

Description of Ideal Candidate:


A team consists of 4 members in total. One member of your team needs to create the team name (this can be done during registration or after registration in your team page). The remaining 3 members:

  • If not yet registered, can be invited through the team page. If registered using the link in the invitation email, the student will be automatically added to your team.
  • If already registered, can select the team name from the list in their team page
  • What to win

    All participating students will get an account in The Talent Connection, our brand new recruitment program, connecting student talents to some of the world’s leading companies such as Heineken, Unilever, and Philips for internships or jobs.  

    On top of that, the top 20 national teams will be invited to an action packed Grand Final at Windesheim University of Applied Science in The Netherlands.  The three winning teams share €20,000 in prize money!