16th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - "The Legal Challenges of Modern World"

Страна: Хорватия

Город: Split

Тезисы до: 05.08.2016

Даты: 01.09.16 — 02.09.16

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: info@esd-conference.com

Организаторы: University of Split


We are happy to announce the First Call for the 16th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - "The Legal Challenges of Modern World"

I) Economic and Social Development

    Globalization and Challenges of the Modern World
    Economic and Legal Implications of Social Changes in Europe
    Modern Tendencies in Hospitality, Tourism Management and Marketing
    Sustainable Tourism and Environment
    Enterprise in Turbulent Environment
    Entrepreneurship Caught Between Creativity and Bureaucracy
    ICT Support to Business Activities

II) Legal Aspects of Economic and Social Development in International Relations

    Legal Aspects of Economic and Financial Development and Growth
    Tax Reform and its Effect on the Investment Process
    Legal Issues of Strategic Investment in the Economy
    Legal Uncertainty as an Obstacle to the Investment Process
    Legal Framework of Liability for Damage caused by Irregular or Illegal Work of Governing Bodies
    Legal and Economic Effects of Public Administration Reform
    Social Policy and Family Law Protection Measures
    Protection of Labor Rights
    Insurance Fraud as a Global Economic and Legal Problem
    Insurance Legal Normative Solutions and their Impact on Economic Growth and Social Development
    Legal Consequences of Bankruptcy
    Applicable Law to International Business Disputes Resolution
    International Characteristics of Forwarding Contracts
    Package Travel Contract
    Crimes Committed in the Business Operations Between the Legal Solutions and Practical Problems

III) Legal Aspects of Environment Protection, Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy Sources - International Approach

    Legal Aspects of Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy Sources Consumption
    Energy Efficiency Legal Framework in the Service of Environmental Protection
    Legal Framework of Energy Sector Reform as an Economic Development Initiator
    Legal Problems of European Energy Policy Implementation and Environmental Protection
    dLegal Framework for the Implementation of Energy Programs
    Legal Aspect of Renewable Energy Resources Investments

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